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Doctor Evaluation

TeleHealth-(MSO) Management Services Organization


Virtual Care Doctor is ready now to evaluate and prescribe you a way to treat.


Your Doctor on your time. Flexible, anytime scheduling for physicians services and around-the-clock access to virtual treatment.


Consult with physician for discussion of medication assisted therapies and/or renewal of prescription.

Treatment Program

Personal Treatment Program tailored not only to your  Body, Mind, & Soul, but also your time and medical needs



Medical follow-up appointments blend progress monitoring, improvement measurement, and concern addressing.

Our Services

  • Aggressive Weight-Loss

    30 min

    399 US dollars


A Multidisciplinary approach to treatment literally means to come at the problem from several, or multiple (meaning more than one) disciplines (or training) . 


Team of professionals privately working with You. 

From Your Computer or Cell Phone:

  • Physician

  • Interventionists

  • Detoxification Specialist

  • Medical Laboratory 

  • Psychologist

  • Psychiatrist

  • Life Coaches

  • Nutritionists-Personalized Diet

  • Physical Trainer

  • Pharmacist

  • Support Groups/Sponsor

(All Health Insurance Accepted: Private & Medi-Cal/Medicaid/Medicare)

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